Local Production

Flashback… a strange but yet very common “trick” that our brain experiences from time to time!
A Flashback can be triggered by many things in our daily life … anything that comes tickling one of our senses… visual, tactile, olfactory…
For many of us, our olfactory sense is recognized to be the strongest, when it comes to memory. This is why, our olfactory memory often takes us back in time, enabling us to re-live feelings, sensations, locations or actions that have taken place in our past. A simple smell and you travel back in time, in less than a second… quite magical, don’t you think?
It is precisely for this magic that the brand “Flashback” has been designed…. An olfactory time-machine that will take you on a journey to the past. Get onboard, hold on tight and let’s see where our time-machine will take you!